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adversity is the
first path to truth  

Byron, Don Juan      

chance favors the
prepared mind        

Louis Pasteur                   
there are not
fifty ways of fighting

there is only one: to
be the conqueror

Andre Malraux
At The Lietz Law Firm, a carefully managed caseload ensures that each and every client receives the full and undivided focus of all of our resources and attention.

Civil Litigation

The need for civil litigation arises when someone has suffered harm due to the negligent actions of others. Such cases may be resolved through negotiation or mediation out of court, or they may be taken to trial to best protect the interests of the victim. In cases of serious negligence, where large companies or organizations are involved, civil litigation may help to improve safety conditions and promote regulations that help the public at large.

The Lietz Law Firm chooses to focus their practice on championing the rights of those most in need. David Lietz fights aggressively for his clients in civil litigation cases. He is known nationwide as an advocate for those who are victims of commercial accidents and those whose lives and safety have been put at risk by short cuts and negligent practices.

We understand that a good case relies on thorough research, discovery and preparation. Since we are not afraid to take on large legal teams, we know that we must be prepared to fight with evidence and facts on our side. The firm routinely puts together a team of attorneys, investigators, and experts to gather and document evidence as soon as we become involved in the case. We aggressively pursue the discovery of facts, and regardless of the size of our opponent, our firm often leads the investigation. In this way, we are able to bring out the true facts of the disaster for the benefit of our clients and all involved.

Our firm also chooses to limit our case load so that we can provide the personalized representation that our clients deserve. We know that you have suffered a tremendous shock or loss if your are involved in civil litigation. You deserve an attorney who investigates your case thoroughly and fights for the recovery and damages to which you are entitled.

We’ve championed landmark
cases involving:
  • Airplane Crashes and Train Derailments
  • Natural Gas and Petrolium Fire and Explosions
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Death Caused by Escalators, Cranes, and Tractor Trailers
  • Class Action Suits Involving Wage Abuse, Tobacco, and HMOs