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fifty ways of fighting

there is only one: to
be the conqueror

Andre Malraux
At The Lietz Law Firm, a carefully managed caseload ensures that each and every client receives the full and undivided focus of all of our resources and attention.
We’ve championed landmark cases involving:
  • Airplane Crashes
  • Train Derailments
  • Natural Gas and Petroleum Fire and Explosions
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Death Caused by Escalators, Cranes, and Tractor Trailers
  • Class Action Suits Involving Wage Abuse, Tobacco, and HMOs
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What kind of cases related to wrongful death in DC has Lietz Law handled?

The Lietz Law Firm has handled a wide variety of wrongful death cases in Washington, D.C. and nationwide. They range from straightforward cases in which the defendant quickly settled to complex cases that went all the way to a jury verdict. The cases concerned public transit crashes, industrial accidents, auto accidents, pipeline explosions, and tractor-trailer collisions. Our experience extends from accidents in hazardous settings, such as in industrial workplaces, to settings in which complete safety is the norm, such as commuter trains.

Too often, the defendants in these types of cases are of such size and wealth that they are not properly held accountable for their negligence. They have teams of powerful attorneys that often let them get away with paying a token settlement or even nothing at all. Our aggressive advocacy on behalf of accident victims and extensive experience put you on a level playing field with these large companies.

The diversity of our case history covers the spectrum of accidents types, jurisdictions, defendant dispositions, and quality of evidence. Most wrongful death cases connect with our experience in some way, but if we have any doubt whatsoever that we are able to aggressively and competently litigate a case, rest assured that we do not take it on in the first place.

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